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Abengoa, with more than 75 years of experience, offers integral solutions for industrial clients and public institutions in the areas of desalination, purification, treatment and reuse of urban and industrial wastewater and hydraulic infrastructures (regulation, transport, distribution, irrigation, hydroelectric power plants and systems for hydrological management).

Water is an essential resource, scarce in certain areas, either in quantity or quality, so the generation of water suitable for consumption and the management of water resources are key factors due to both the scarcity of water resources and the increase in population.

In desalination, Abengoa is one of the world leaders in the design and construction of the type of plants, with over 1.7 million m3/day desalinated water installed capacity and 2.6 millions m3/day under construction.

Regarding water treatment and reuse, the company has a global production capacity of more than 2.2 M m3/day of drinking water and the capacity to treat more than 1.5 million m3/d of wastewater.

Moreover, during its history, Abengoa has always been at the forefront of hydraulic initiatives, with public and private institutions in the implementation, improvement and exploitation of regulation infrastructures, transport (+40 pumping stations and +1,100 km of large conductions), distribution (+4 M of people served), irrigation (+500,000 ha) and hydroelectric plants (+ 400 MW installed in more than 40 projects of plants construction, improvement and modernization).