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Concessional infrastructures

Proprietary assets operations where we have a sales contract long term, whose average life period is 25 years and under market risk. We have a broad and young portfolio of proprietary concession-type assets, where incomes are regulated by means of long-term sales contracts, type-pay ("take or pay") or power supply and sale ("power purchase agreement"). The concessions are focused in the field of energy, water and singular building construction.

Abengoa provides operation and maintenance services in the field of energy, water and environment. With an experience of over 15 years in this field, the company performs corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance as well as computer aided maintenance management (CAMM) in plants producing electric and thermal energy (currently operating assets for 3,245 MW), hydraulic infrastructures and waste treatment. Through this activity the value chain of the company is closed.


  1. Nuevo Pemex Cogeneration Plant
  2. Cultural Center Mexiquense Bicentenario
  3. Zapotillo Aqueduct
  4. Nuevo Pemex Cogeneration extension I (Third Train Plant)
  5. Combined Cycle Nuevo Pemex extension II (Fourth Train Plant)
  6. Combined Cycle Norte III