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Plants built by Abengoa supply water to more than ten million people in the world

Abengoa, with 75 years of experience, is a world-leading company in design, engineering, and construction of hydraulic and environmental infrastructures, desalination and water waste treatment plants. It reaches a capacity exceeding 1, 5 million cubic meters of desalinated water per day, with an annual output of 118 million m3.

Currently, the sector is facing many challenges and opportunities. Water shortages, caused in large measure by the increase in extreme events due to climate change, are becoming a priority while pollution and population growth put more stress on decreasing resources.

Securing water resources is one of the main concerns of the industry in the short term, and technological solutions that can be adapted to different types of environments and circumstances are needed.

Abengoa develops the design, construction and equipment for the creation and operation of infrastructure for the integrated management of the water cycle.