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Renewable Energy

Leading the solar energy sector, we also develop wind farms and hydroelectric power plants

The current energy model based on fossil energy has caused a major environmental impact on the planet and besides it is showing clear signs of exhaustion. For this reason, one of the most important challenges in coming years will be moving forward on a new model based on clean renewable energy that guarantee the supply for future generations.

Being aware of this situation, Abengoa keeps a model based on sustainable development, around which revolve its activities and strategies, promoting the use of clean energies and the efficient management of resources.

The company develops the design, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of renewable energy plants: solar fields wind farms, hydroelectric plants, biomass plants and facilities that process waste into energy. In addition, the company builds transmission systems to transport energy from where it is produced to where it is consumed.

Abengoa, with projects totaling more than 2GB, is the largest solar contractor in the world according to the ENR publication