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Cabecera noticias


Abengoa receives the provisional acceptance certificate of a transmission project in Mexico

  • The project included the construction of four transmission lines and two substations, amounting to 17.3 M$ (15.5 M€).
  • The transmission line will evacuate the energy produced by the combined cycle Norte III.

Abengoa Mexico comes out of its insolvency process

  • The company has received court approval for its insolvency process, in which it was immersed since December 2016.
  • The Court approves such a ruling after more than 95 % of the company’s stakeholders supported the Insolvency Agreement which was put forward by Abengoa.


Abengoa is awarded the expansion of a water treatment plant in Mexico for Gas Natural Fenosa

  • It will be integrated in the Norte Durango combined cycle plant.


Abengoa advances in its viability plan with the divestment of the Norte III combined cycle in Mexico

  • It is one of the assets included in the company’s divestment plan.
  • Abengoa keeps works for the water treatment plant.

Abengoa receives final reception certificate for Baja California Sur IV electricity generation plant in Mexico

The plant, which has been operational since 2014 and has an installed capacity of 42 MW and a 99.3% availability factor, was awarded by the Federal Electricity Commission.
This is the third plant that the company has completed in Baja California Sur.