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The PE&C (Persons, Education and Communities) is a development program based on the education and one of the cornerstones of Abengoa's social action. Since its launch in Argentina in 2005, the program has become the hallmark of Abengoa social action, and has extended its scope of cooperation to Peru, Brazil, India, Mexico and Chile helping the most vulnerable groups: children, women, elderly, disabled and families living in poverty and social isolation.

PE&C cooperates with local institutions and NGOs that are exemplary in supporting the most vulnerable social groups while engaging employees in executing the various programs. These local organizations, with first-hand knowledge of the needs and socio-cultural identities of the target groups, work with teachers, cooks, health practitioners and volunteers to implement actions that contribute to the social and economic progress of these communities.

In the latter part of 2011, Abengoa implemented its PE&C project in Mexico, focusing activities on adults and adolescents with independent intellectual disability. Abengoa thus collaborates with the Celamex Center in Mexico by helping scores of people to enhance their quality of life and autonomy. Abengoa likewise collaborates with the Guadalupano, A. C. children’s boarding school. This organization takes in orphaned children to provide them with social and educational assistance and reintegrate them back into society.

PE&C beneficiaries enjoy academic, occupational, labor-related, recreational and therapeutic activities, including a bakery workshop, psycho-pedagogical support, adapted physical education, theater, school support, and nutrition management and monitoring.