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Abengoa Mexico, as partner of Abengoa, has been developed under several shared values. These values form the structure of its Code of Ethics. The organization through all its channels, encourages the knowledge and put into practice of the Code, as well as establishes control and revision mechanisms that guarantee its right actualization.


The integrity in the professional development is part of Abengoa Mexico self-identity, and is demonstrated by the actions of its employees inside and outside the company. Integrity becomes in credibility before its stakeholders, and creates value for the people and for the whole organization.


Legality fulfillment is not just an external requirement, but an obligation for the organization and its workers. The law gives security for actions and reduces business risks.

Professional Rigor

In Abengoa Mexico the concept of professionalism is closely related to the sense of duty when playing the role and to the involvement with the business project developed. All the actions performed during the carrying out of the entrusted activities must be supported by professional responsibility and ruled by the principles established on management systems


Abengoa Mexico expects from the people that constitute the organization, the up keeping of the discretion criteria and the prudence in external communications and relationships. The appropriate care of the information owned by the Company.


Abengoa Mexico has a commitment with quality in all its performances, either internal as external. This is not a task for a specific group of people, or for the senior management team, but for all the members of the company in their daily activities. Abengoa Mexico has specific quality norms, as a consequence of acting with knowledge, common sense, rigor, order and responsibility.

Labour Social Responsibility Policy